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Delux Hand wash (45min-1h)(€35-45)

Here at FC Detailing we use only Ph neutral products.We start off by assessing every vehicle to check for any defects it may have before proceeding with washing process. After that we move onto applying a pre-wash cleaning solution to the vehicles body work and leave it to break down the heavy dirt.Once that is done we apply a premium snow foam to all surfaces to lift off the further residue.The next step is to give the wheels, tyres and wheel wells a deep clean and rinse before using high quality Gtechniq  washmits and a 3 bucket method to ensure your vehicle is washed the safest way.Its then rinsed off and dried using a spray drying aid this lubricates the drying towels, minimizing the chance of towel-induced marring, while also adding shine and a durable layer of protection.Once the vehicle is dry we dress the tyres and carry out a final inspection.




2.Signature hand wash (1h-1h 30min) (€45-55)

Our signature hand wash starts off with the same steps as our deluxe hand wash wash but with even more attention to detail.Once the the snow foam is applied we use soft detailers brush to agitate the dirt build up around all emblems,lights,rubbers,trim and all the hard to reach areas.We also deep clean all door sills.To finish off all exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned with an alcohol based cleaner to ensure a none streak finish.(Add our swiss wax for just €10)




Interior detailing

1.Executive  interior detail (4-8 hours)(from €99)

Refresh your interior with our  executive interior detail. It features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and malodors. Carpets are hoovered, shampooed and deep-cleaned with a selection of Ph neutral products,detailing brushes,micro fibre cloths and steam.The car boot  is also thoroughly cleaned.Leather seats are cleaned with a pH neutral leather cleaner and then nourished with a conditioner.All glass is cleaned inside and out.



2.Prestige interior detail (1-3 days)(from €179)

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With our prestige detail we aim to bring your vehicle back to its factory condition.This package includes all of the steps of our executive detail and much more.Every bit of the interior including headliner and all the hard to reach areas are targeted.Door cills are cleaned and dressed, we then proceed to remove all the seats to be washed and rejuvenated. Carpets, mats and boot hoovered,shampooed and any odors and stains all go through our cleaning process.All leather,plastics, swade surfaces are cleaned with  soft detailing brushes and plush micro fiber cloths to protect your interior surfaces all times.All glass is cleaned inside and out.Once your vehicle’s interior is back to looking its best we want to protect it.We apply a water resistant coating to the exterior glass and can apply different dressings of your choice from matt factory look to wet or glossy.We then finish off with another hoover and inspection.



Exterior detailing

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1.Executive exterior detail (5-7h)(from €99)

Our executive exterior detail adds shine and protection to your vehicle.This detail option is perfect to keep your paint looking fresh.The process begins with our signature hand wash using our three bucket method and Gtechniq wash mitts.It is then dried using an air blower.The paint surface is treated with tar and iron remover.Then a clay bar is used to lift any remaining contaminants.All exterior trims are cleaned and tyres are dressed.Windows and mirrors cleaned to leave a non streak finish A choice of wax or  spray sealant is applied to your vehicle.

This service does not fix scratches or swirl marks.




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