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Package detailing

  1. Pre NCT/DOE & Pre sale package (1 day booking from €149)

This package includes engine bay detailing, hover trough out, door cills cleaned, wheels dressed and wash and wax on the exterior of the paintwork.


car recovery service



2.Interior & exterior package (1-3 day booking from €299)

car recovery service

“The works!” This includes our full interior detail and and a one stage polish on the exterior to bring the vehicle looking its best again.



3.Maintenance package. (1day booking from €99)

car recovery service


Three bucket hand wash with a Swiss wax applied, hoover through out with all plastics dressed. Windows cleaned with a non streak finish.


Alloy Wheel Restoration (1-3 day booking from €200)

car recovery service


Agricultural and Commerical vehicles


car recovery service

At FC Detailing we cater for a wide range of vehicles such as

– Tractors,Farm machinery,Horse boxes.

– Commercial & fleet vehicles.

– Trucks & buses.

– Helicopters & planes.

– Marine

These car recovery services are upon inspection only, due to size and condition.



Engine bay detailing

Car Towing Car Recovery

If you are going to a car show,selling or bringing to a N.CT or D.O.E this is the perfect option for you. we clean all surfaces such as plastics,rubber pipes and all inspection areas with attention to detail so your engine bay looks new. this is a great way to get more money when it comes to selling or making your engine bay stand out at an event.



Headlight restoration (1 day booking from €99)

Car Towing Car Recovery

Want to lift your vehicle appearance? this knocks years off the look of your vehicle and also prevents a failure at a N.C.T or D.O.E test.



Sticker and hologram removal

car services

If you have a business vehicle that you want to get the new signage on then this is the perfect package for you. We can remove any sticker residue and polish the entire vehicle to make it perfect for bonding new signage on.(2-4 day booking from €299)

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