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Ceramic coatings

After the paint correction process we highly recommend to protect your vehicle with a sealant or ceramic coating. At FC Detailing we have a wide range of products to choose from.We believe in your protecting your vehicle the paintwork,glass,soft-top,wheels,interior & exterior.

The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as a ceramic coating. In addition to forming a very strong bond with the clear coat finish, a coating is generally much thicker than a wax or sealant, creating a sacrificial layer that can absorb damage and better protect the paint underneath. The thickness gives it a great depth of gloss that’s hard to achieve with other products and are extremely hydrophobic to repel water.Most coatings will easily give years of protection when properly maintained.

Gtechniq Coatings

EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating 18-24 month durability.(Paintwork)

Crystal Serum Light Coating. up 3 year durability. (paint work)       

C4 Permanent Trim Restorer.Up to 2 years durability.


C5 Wheel Armour. Up to two years durability.

G1 ClearVision Smart Glass. Lasts up to 20,000 Miles.

car paint correction services


C6 Matte Dash AB. Lasts 3-6months (dashboard,door cards,trim)

car paint correction

I1 Smart Fabric AB. Lasts up to 12 months.(all fabrics)

car paint correction services


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